Things to consider when choosing a site:


The site must have good access for up to a 12 tonne vehicle to be able to get within 20 metres of the site. Any problems with access must be discussed with Yorkshire Yurts at least 2 weeks in advance of the event as the hirer may be liable for costs associated with additional labour/delivery charges.


Condition of land
It is the hirers responsibility to provide a fully grassed, firm, level and well drained site, which can easily hold pegs at least 2.5ft into the ground. Any grass should be arranged to be cut by the hirer at least 3 inches or less 1-2 days before the event.


Area for structure(s)
As well as the condition of land it is also the hirers responsibility to check that the size of the site is suitable. This includes having enough space for guide ropes (an extra 1.5m around the entire structure) in addition to the dimension of the structures given on this website. If you have any doubt as to the suitability of a site, this must be discussed with the Yorkshire Yurts team at the time of booking. Where necessary a site survey can of course be undertaken. Site surveys can incur additional charges so do ask our friendly team for more information.


Overhanging Branches/Trees
Any overhanging branches/trees must also be cut back by the hirer in advance of Yorkshire Yurts arriving on site, the hirer will be liable for costs associated with additional labour if not actioned before the Yorkshire Yurts team are on-site.If you’re struggling to find a suitable site do take a look at our Venues section on our website for a list of recommended venues in and around Yorkshire which we’ve previously worked with.