Those extra finishing touches make all the difference and the styling really is the icing on the cake.
Below is a list of our basic, ready to order extras, but if you are looking for a special theme or really want to wow your guests with the look and feel of your yurt or marquee, simply get in touch and our team will be happy to help with any styling needs.

Hanging Floristry Hoop

Our floristry hoops are hung by a pulley system in the centre of your yurt or around the poles of your marquee, so you can add your foliage and decorations yourself.

7ft floristry ring for Yurts = £70
1m floristry ring for Marquees = £45
Hanging Wooden Ladder

To hang in your yurt or marquee, our wooden ladder works as a great focal point for your structure. Decorate with foliage, flowers or lighting to provide a unique finishing touch to your event. Our ladder is approximately 3.5m in length, and has 12 rungs.

Wooden Ladder = £55
Hanging Wooden Trellis

The wooden trellis has a longer length of 6m, and hangs round two of the central poles in our Petal Pole or Celeste Marquees. This is the perfect way to elevate your decor up into the sweeping roof lines of our marquees. This also comes bare, leaving you free to dress it how you wish.

The rounded ends can be removed to allow it to hang within our yurts too.

Wooden Trellis = £110
Wooden Framed Chalkboard

These chalkboards are the perfect signage solution. Supplied with a selection of coloured chalk pens, you can personalise your sign however you wish.

Medium Chalkboard (81×42 cm) = £15
Large Chalkboard (100×61 cm) = £20
Hire both chalkboards for £30
Sheep skin rug
Cow hide rug
Bunting canopy

Price dependant on size of structure

Yorkshire-Yurts-Petal Pole Marquee Lining
Petal Pole Marquee lining

Wanting a bit more of an opulent feel? Why not add our lining to our Petal Pole Marquee! Available for sizes 9x9m, 9x15m and 9x21m.

From £350