Marquee Lights : How to make yours glow for the evening reception

Marquee Lights : How to make yours glow for the evening reception

You can’t deny how utterly stunning soft, glowy light is; especially for a wedding. There is nothing more romantic, or warming than subtle lighting that makes use of all your venue space and adds atmosphere.

Lighting is often something that is overlooked, and yet It can have a huge impact on the look and feel of your evening wedding reception. Whilst basic lighting will be included in your marquee, there are plenty of light ideas for you to adopt and install for your marquee wedding. Don’t settle for the basics, here’s some stunning marquee lighting ideas for your marquee wedding.

Fairy lights

Are a beautiful addition to any venue space, indoor and outdoor. Line your marquee ceiling with rows of string lights, or wind them round decorative pieces throughout your venue. We love string lights being hung under the bar, around the edge of the marquee, and amongst centre pieces.

Fake Candles

Whilst we would love to have real candles fluttering throughout a marquee, health and safety dictates otherwise. So, making the switch to fake candles will give the ambience of a candle, without the risk. Bulk buy battery operated candles that can be switched on with a flick of a button. Display in lanterns, or amongst your table decorations for a soft glow of light for your evening reception.

Hanging Lanterns

Paper hanging lanterns not only offer some gorgeous lighting, but a stunning feature in your marquee. Growing in popularity, hanging lanterns can add a splash of colour and light into your marquee for the evening reception. Twine in greenery, or flower arrangements for a truly romantic display.


Uplighters are the most popular lighting choices for marquees, and there’s no surprise as to why. They are fantastic at creating beautiful ambient lighting for your evening reception, and can even add colour too! Hire uplighters for the perimeter of your marquee, that can change colour or go one step further and use up lighters on the exterior of your marquee too, for extra dramatics.


Lighting for your marquee is so important at creating the perfect atmosphere and environment for your evening reception. Don’t scrim or overlook this vital aspect, since it could transform your marquee wedding reception. If you would like to discuss marquee lighting ideas for your wedding, get in touch with us today.