Marquee Furniture : What’s the best to hire for your wedding

Marquee Furniture : What’s the best to hire for your wedding

So, you’ve secured your dream marquee and It’s in the most perfect location and offers you everything you dreamed of for your Wedding Day. But what about the interior? Brainstorming and organising those pretty bits is where it gets really fun, but aside from flowers, colours and more, it’s those key furniture pieces you really need to think about first.

Unlike other potential venues, marquee weddings do require a lot more organising, like your marquee furniture. Whilst it might seem like more work, it gives you full control on creating the perfect setting for your wedding.

So, we’ve created the must list for your marquee furniture. The pieces that you may have forgotten, or even overlooked, and what is vital in making sure your marquee wedding is as comfortable and well planned, as possible.

Tables and chairs

We don’t mean to state the obvious, but tables and chairs are possibly something that had slipped your mind. Despite your theme, it’s best to secure these key pieces above all else. With a variety of shapes and sizes to choose from, tables can be arranged for any configuration and marquee size.

Just like tables, seating can also come in all varieties, including benches and fold up chairs. Carefully consider the desired configuration of your tables, and the comfort for guests. Bench seating is fantastic for outdoor areas including your ceremony. For long durations, and elderly guests, backed chairs are a preferable choice.

We love long trestle tables for banquet style eating. They can look truly stunning paired with Oak cross back chairs, or even a bench.


You really can’t have a wedding without a hub, like the bar. A lot is needed to create the perfect bar for your wedding, so outsourcing and hiring is the best option.

Why not create a centre hub in your marquee with a beautiful oak circular bar? Being centre stage, it means no guest is too far from a quick drink. If straight lines are more your style, we have a gorgeous wooden panelled bar to serve guests. Or push the boat out and be a little unique, with a self-serve gin and tonic bar.

Dance Floor

Do we need to remind anyone the vital importance of having a good old dance floor for your guests to bust some moves? Whether you hide your dance floor away, or have it centre stage for all too see, there are lots of great designs for every venue. We really recommend hiring your dance floor early to make sure you have the size and design you need for your venue.

Comfy seating area

If you have the space, creating a nook of comfy seating is a great addition to your marquee. In between the Wedding breakfast, first dance and evening entertainment, your guests will want to mingle and enjoy. Having a cosy space for guests to unwind with a glass of bubbly is a perfect spot for your guests.

Outsourcing and hiring comfy seating is a must for your marquee wedding.

Cake table

Whilst tables and chairs for your wedding breakfast is a given, you would be forgiven to forget the other odd tables you’ll need around your marquee for the likes of your Wedding cake, guest book and more. Hiring additional tables is pretty vital, and a great opportunity to add more character to your venue. Why not opt for an oak barrel to display your cake. Contact us today to hire for your marquee wedding.






Furnishings are often something that are overlooked when using a marquee for your wedding; but with fantastic, competitive pricing and a variety of styles and sizes to suit any theme, marquee size and configuration, get in touch with us today to discuss the key marquee furniture pieces available to hire for your wedding.