For that added ambiance and magic, our beautiful yurts and marquees really do look their best when decorated with lighting. Our expert team will install our lighting on-site, at no extra cost. We always recommend both our fairy lights and uplighters if your event goes on after sunset.

All of our lighting requires power, so please do make sure you consider this when hiring a generator or using power on-site.

Fairy Lights

For our yurts and marquees, our fairy light canopy hangs throughout the roof to bring the magic to your event. In our stretch tents, the fairy lights wrap around the poles, to give that sparkling atmosphere.

Cost is dependant on size of structure.


Lining the internal sides of your chosen structure, these uplighters will give you splashes of colour up the walls.

Cost dependant on size of structure

Festoon Walkway

A beautifully lit walkway up to the entrance of your yurt or marquee. Globe bulb festoon lights are strung between shepherd’s crooks, lining the edges of a matting walkway, to guide your way into your magical venue.

9m length = £100
18m length = £150

Extra lengths of matting can be hired separately.

Hanging Wicker Lights

These beautiful wicker lights provide a warm atmosphere to your space. Complete with bulbs, these can be hung at various heights throughout the roof of your yurt.

The full package includes one larger central light, plus a further 10 lights of varying sizes and shapes. The full package is ideal for our 42ft and 50ft yurts, or you can hire each light individually for our smaller yurts.

We are able to hang these in our marquees too (between two central poles) with the addition of the Wooden Hanging Trellis.

Full Wicker Lights Package = £475
Single Central Wicker Light = £50
Individual Wicker Light = £45
Length of filament bulbs

Hanging Edison bulbs are ideal alongside your floristry and other accessories, a great way to accentuate your decor.

5m length (10 bulbs) = £40
10m length (20 bulbs) = £60
Festoon Terrace

Create a charmingly lit outdoor terrace area; complete with a matting flooring, 3 x 6ft rustic benches, giant shepherds crooks and glowing festoon lights.

9mx6m terrace = £280
Mirror Ball (Yurts Only)

Bring the disco fever to your party by adding a mirror ball to your yurt.

External Marquee Festoon Lighting (Marquees Only)

A beautiful sweep of festoon lighting draped over the top of your marquee will ensure your venue stands out elegantly in the dark.

Cost dependant on size of structure

Cost dependant on size of structure
Antler Chandelier

Add a bit of country rusticity to your theme with our faux antler chandelier.