Festival Wedding Theme : How to ace it

Festival Wedding Theme : How to ace it

Want to make your Wedding as epic as Glasto or Reading? We bring you Wedfest – the perfect Wedding theme for an informal, chilled, entertainment driven wedding that focuses on the food and the experience. And with Festivals being an ever-popular affair across the whole of the UK, Festival themed Weddings are hugely popular year on year.

But how can you ACE it? How can you make your Wedding feel like it’s the centre field in Glasto?

We have all the top tips on nailing the Festival Wedding Theme and everything you should consider and DIY yourself throughout the Wedding Planning Process.


Make it a weekend affair

Festivals are always a long weekend – so why not apply the same idea to your Wedding. Planning yours over an entire weekend can give you and your guests more time to celebrate and party together. Pick a Saturday, and bonus points if your venue offers a field to pitch tents and have guests stay over. This is the ULTIMATE festival check.


Bold Colour Scheme

Colour palettes in a wedding help with picking every aspect from bridesmaid colours, flowers, table cloths and so much more. Creating a co-ordinating palette across your whole wedding can tie in every part of the day, and this applies to every theme you pick.

Festival Themed Weddings have a bold, vibrant colour palette, with little really matching. Neutral tones are also used, but only in moderation. When choosing your palette, why not look at festival merchandise and posters to give you an idea on colours to use for your day.


Choose an Outside Wedding

Okay, this is fairly obvious but of course it’s a main factor – your wedding needs to be outside! Festivals are all about the outdoors, whether it be raining or bright sunshine. Choose a venue that reflects this, with ample of outdoor space for you and your guests to wander and enjoy.


Hire Yurts, Stretch Tents or a Marquee

Every Wedding Reception requires some coverage and space for guests to eat, drink and unwind. Having the perfect structure is not only essential for your day, but also another way to nail the festival vibes.

With so many options, it can be hard to distinguish what to choose, or what will work with your theme. Either a Yurt, Marquee or a Stretch Tent can often be found on the festival field, so look to have one of your very own for your Wedding day too!

A series of connected Yurts can offer huge, versatile and unique indoor space, with the feel of a festival. With each Yurt offering its own intimate space, you have plenty of opportunity to segregate areas for entertainment including a bar, lounge area and music tent. Yurts also look fabulous and create the perfect festival backdrop for your Wedding day.

Stretch tents are a more stylish yet flexible open sided structure offering an expansive space. What’s great is that you can really design the shape and look you want, choosing different heights and coverage. Stretch tents can be used for various aspects of your wedding including a canopy for an outdoor ceremony or as your covered reception area.

A traditional Pole Marquee is a popular choice for many Weddings and equally a great choice for your Festival Themed Wedding.  Choose clear sides to admire your surroundings and two different varieties offering scalloped canopies, scooped roofs and even flags to top the central poles. Traditional pole marquees can also be combined with a Yurt to create a truly unique space.

Styling either a Yurt, Marquee or Stretch has never been easier, and with a little festoon lighting and unique elements including flower arches, hanging lanterns and bunting, they look like something straight off the festival field.

Chat to us today to find out more about hiring a Marquee, Yurt or Stretch Tent for your Yorkshire Wedding. Email us at : info@yorkshireyurts.co.uk or give us a call on 01423 740781.


Ditch the tables

If you really want to nail the festive feel, why not ditch the typical table and chair arrangement and adopt a more relaxed attitude by offering an alternative.

Create places for your guests to eat using hay bales, picnic blankets, or even wooden pallets arranged as low tables. With plenty of soft finishes like cushions and blankets, you can easily create a comfortable alternative for your guests to enjoy your Wedding Reception.



Festival Designed Stationery

With any theme, offering your guests some insight as to what to expect is always a good idea and that often starts with your wedding stationery. There are plenty of quirky design ideas to consider, including festival ticket, poster line up and even 3D styles. These small details can help create an in-sync and consistent festival vibe for your entire wedding.


Flower Crown

Every wedding theme requires plenty of flowers, and the same goes for your Festival style I Do’s. And whilst ‘wild’ arrangements are a given, adopting a flower crown for the bride and her maids transforms your bridal look to next level festival vibes.

Use flowers which correlate with you colour palette and style your hair and veil around the crown.


Choose the right Entertainment

Every Wedding has some sort of entertainment, whether it be a band, DJ, magician, games – you get the idea. Choosing wisely for your festival themed wedding will elevate your day to the Wedfest you desire. Here’s some great entertainment ideas that you’d find in the fields of Reading and Glasto too.

Live Music should be your number one choice since festivals of course are all about live bands and music. They can be a little expensive, but music of any sort including a DJ is a must for your Wedfest.

Lawn Games are hugely popular, especially for summer weddings. With giant games, classic games and even fairground games to hire, all your guests can get involved and play a game or two during the day. Why don’t you take a look at our Garden Games to hire?

Roasting marshmallows on a camp fire is a gorgeous centrepiece for your evening reception, if your venue allows it of course. Use those hay bales, picnic blankets and cushions to create a cosy late evening spot for your guests to unwind and relax under the evening sun.

Fireworks are a great end to a beautiful day. Once again, check in with your venue, and your timings, as these restrictions can halt your plans.


Use Food Trucks

Whether they arrive for your evening food option or they are the perfect alternative for your main Wedding breakfast, food trucks are a great novelty and addition to your Festival Themed Wedding.

With so many options including Fish and Chips, burger vans, hot dog trucks and even a Mexican wagon, there is a food truck for every menu choice. They are a great talking point and perfect for those Weddings that are eager to be relaxed and different from the usual.

Food Trucks lend well to those alternative seating arrangements too.


Quirky additions

These smaller details can add something extra to your day and can easily be achieved with some DIY’s. Here’s some nifty ideas on what you can include for your Festival themed Wedding for some extra detail.

  • Wooden arrow sign detailing different areas of your venue.
  • Table plan styled as a map of the ‘festival’ with every table is a different stage.
  • Table plan styled as the line-up with every table being favourite bands.
  • Wed Fest wrist bands as Wedding favours.
  • Personalised Lanyards for all guests.
  • Shot Glasses personalised to your Wedding Day.
  • Themed photo booth with musical props.
  • Glitter stands and face painting stations for guests to add a little sparkle to their wedding outfit.




There are so many ideas and things to consider when planning your Festival themed Wedding. But with so many easy DIY’s and with the right suppliers, it’s never been easier to rival Glasto with your wedding.

If you would like to discuss Yurt hire and Stretch Tent hire for your Yorkshire Festival Themed Wedding, get in touch today. Email us at : info@yorkshireyurts.co.uk or give us a call on 01423 740781.



Photos courtesy of:

Kirsty Mattsson, Mr & Mrs Boutique Photography, Julie Baugh, Dominic Wright