If we’ve not been able to answer your question below, simply get in touch and have a chat with
one of our friendly team, we’re always happy to help: info@yorkshireyurts.co.uk 01423 847178

Before Making A Booking

How do I know how many people I can get in each yurt/marquee?

Simply visit our Packages tab where you can choose your number of guests and see some example floorplans and associated prices. By all means they are just examples, but they give you a good idea of the numbers you can seat in each. You need to consider if you’re having a band, a bar and a chill out area and also how many guests you have both seating and standing as all will make a difference to the space you’ll need. If you’re unsure which structure would be suitable for your event, simply get in touch and we’ll happily make some recommendations and also check availability for you.

Is there anywhere you don't deliver the yurts or marquees?

We primarily deliver within 2.5 hours of our base in Ripon, if you are further afield just let us know and we shall try our best to accommodate.

How do I know how much everything costs?

You can see all our prices on our prices and finishing touches tabs on our website, once you’ve chosen which items you’d like, simply fill in our Contact Form on our Contact tab or send us an email. One of our Event Coordinators will then be able to send you a bespoke, itemised quote, including delivery to your venue.

Are there any hidden costs?

We are as open and helpful as we can be upfront so there are no hidden costs, the only cost not on our website is delivery, which your Event Coordinator will be more than happy to quote for you.

Is there anything I can do to fit more people in?

If you need to fit more guests into a smaller space you can put some tables on the dance floor during the meal, all of our tables fold down flat so they can be moved when your guests are ready for dancing. Our trestle tables can also sit a chair on each end if needed.

What colour is the matting you provide?

The matting we provide in the Yurts and Petal Pole Marquees is a dark grey thick weave matting, the Celeste Marquees have the light brown matting. The matting is extremely robust and is laid on top of a waterproof membrane.

Can you put the yurts/marquees on hard ground?

We mainly erect the yurts and marquees onto grass as we can simply peg them in, but if you do have a hard standing surface do please get in touch and we can talk through your options.

Do you do hard flooring?

We can get hold of hard flooring if needed, although our matting is the most popular option, simply get in touch for a quote.

How do I secure my yurt or marquee so nobody else books it?

We simply ask for the damages deposit which will be highlighted on your bespoke quote. It secures your yurt(s) or marquee and it is also used to cover any damages and is in addition to the charge total. The final charge total is required no later than 1 month before your event and the damages deposit is 100% refunded after your event if no damages have occurred.

Can I see a yurt or marquee in person?

We have some great photography on our website, but if you’d like to come and see our yurts and marquees for yourself, simply pop along to one of our open days in the Spring or Autumn. Details can be found on the homepage of our website for any up-and-coming events.

Venue/Site Questions

I’m struggling to find a venue, can you recommend anyone?

We have a number of beautiful, handpicked venues we work with, simply visit our venue tab.

How do I know if the site I want to use is big enough and suitable?

The measurements we give for our structures are the exact measurements to the edges of the canvas, on top of that we just need the following clearance areas all the way around for the pegs:
Yurts – 1 metre or 3.5ft extra
Marquees – 2 metres or 6.5ft extra
We just ask that the site is level, well drained and the grass is freshly cut before your event. If you’re unsure if your site is suitable, do get in touch and we can arrange a site visit.

Finishing Touches And Supplier Questions

Do you supply power?

If you have any lighting from us then do be aware these will require a power supply either from a generator or building. We don’t provide generators ourselves, but we can reccomend some great suppliers, so just get in contact if you need power for your event.

Do I need a heater?

We always suggest getting a heater, even in the summer months as the evenings can get quite chilly. For the colder months if you’re hiring a 50ft yurt, or a marquee size 9x27m or bigger, we suggest getting two heaters.

If you’re having more than one structure we also reccomend having heating in each one, whether it be a wood burning stove or marquee heater.

Do I have to use Yorkshire Yurts’ chosen venues and suppliers?

Although you’re not tied to using our suppliers we can highly recommend everyone featured on our website, from stunning venues through to our trustworthy suppliers.

Do you do styling in the yurts and marquees?

The yurts and marquees are very much a blank canvas and you are more than welcome to decorate them as you wish, we’re very flexible and the yurts especially provide a wealth of opportunity for decorations due to the number of roof ribs and side trellis. If you would like some help with styling your event just get in touch, we work with some great stylists that we can recommend.

Once You’ve Booked With Us

What happens once we’ve booked?

You’re in safe hands, once you’ve put down your deposit your Event Coordinator will be in touch nearer the event to confirm all the finer details and set up/take down days. If you would like to make any changes to your finishing touches along the way, just let us know.

When do we need to pay the total cost?

The final payment is due no later than 1 month before your event.

When do you set up and take down the yurts and marquees?

Although you’re not tied to using our suppliers we can highly recommend everyone featured on our website, from stunning venues through to our trustworthy suppliers.

Do you do styling in the yurts and marquees?

We endeavour to give you at least a whole day to decorate for your event, so if your event is on the Saturday we usually set up on a Wednesday or Thursday, but do let us know if your venue has any stipulations. We then tend to take the structures down on a Monday or Tuesday, but again do let us know if you need them taking down earlier.

Extra Things To Think About

Do I need to hire a generator?

If you have anything that requires power (a band, caterers etc) and your venue doesn’t supply power on-site, then you will need to source a generator. We don’t hire generators ourselves, but we can suggest some companies we trust if you need a bit of help. If you are sourcing power from a building and you’re hiring a heater through us, do let us know as you will need an adapter and extra leads.

Do you provide toilets?

We don’t supply toilets ourselves, but just let us know if you’d like some recommendations.

Can we have a Yorkshire Yurts staff member on site during our event?

If you’d like help moving furniture, lifting the sides of the structure up and down or even just the peace of mind of having a Yorkshire Yurts member of staff on site during your event just contact our team with the amount of time you’d like someone and we can let you know costings.