Coronavirus and my Wedding : What to know & consider amid Wedding Planning

Coronavirus and my Wedding : What to know & consider amid Wedding Planning

There’s no denying the Coronavirus is having a huge impact on the world, economy and general wellbeing of society. So, it’s only natural to be concerned. With the Coronavirus casting huge doubt over travel arrangements, sporting events and even our ability to head to work, there will inevitably be question marks over your pending nuptials.

Whilst no-one knows exactly the full extent the Coronavirus will have, or for how long, there is some re-assurance to be had when it comes to planning your wedding. Here’s some steps and things to consider amongst the Coronavirus outbreak and your pending Wedding plans.

Remain vigilant

It’s so important to follow the advice of health officials and always seek professional advice if in doubt. Remain vigilant when in public, keeping a safe distance from those that appear unwell, and washing hands with soap or anti-bacterial gel / wash often. Catch your coughs and sneezes in tissues and practice cleaning routines in your home to keep your own spaces clean and free of bacteria.

It may be a good idea to offer tissues and hand gel to your guests on your wedding day to practice basic hygiene.

Get Insurance

Whether you’re getting married in 6 weeks, months or next year, the Corona Virus has certainly highlighted the importance of Insurance. It’s always advisable to purchase Wedding Insurance as you start the process of Wedding planning. Just like any other insurance, Wedding insurance protects your investments, including deposits paid towards your venue, catering, dress, suits and so much more. In the event your day can’t go ahead, or one of your suppliers goes bust, your wedding insurance will step in to foot the bill or to arrange a new supplier or re-scheduling your day.

It’s never too late to purchase wedding insurance, and although some providers have halted the sale of their wedding insurance for the time being – thanks to Corona, there are some insurers still selling new policies, including the Insurance Emporium. It’s worth noting to check your policy, as some insurers still may not cover any cancellations related to Corona.

Call your Suppliers

Now is a great time to get in contact with all your suppliers to gage their handling of the situation. They will be able to advise whether they will have any delays in their services, and the precautions they are taking to safe guard staff and the business from the effects of Corona.

If you’ve made your Wedding Dress purchase, get in touch with them too. There may be a delay to the production of your dress – more information on this below.

Consider your venue options wisely

Even if you have your venue sorted, the effects of Coronavirus certainly highlights the lack of control you can have when it comes to your own wedding.

Now might be a great time to consider a yurt or marquee wedding, as you can have greater control of the environment around you and your wedding. Marquees can of course be erected in a variety of locations, including your own garden, if you have the space!

Having the flexibility to change location if needed is always a good bet, especially when Corona could start to have an effect on venues and their ability to remain open as things escalate.

Get in touch with us today to discuss our marquee, yurts and stretch tents available for Wedding receptions. Or have a combination of all 3 providing different spaces for your day.

Think long distance contingency plans

If you are getting married in the next couple of months, you may want to consider a contingency plan for guests that may not be able to travel and attend your special day. Organising live feeds of the ceremony itself might be a great idea to keep those unable to attend, a part of your day.

If you haven’t already, start Wedding Dress shopping early

A huge proportion of UK Wedding dresses are manufactured in China. And with many factories out of operation due to the outbreak, there will certainly be shortages and delays in the production and delivery of Wedding Dresses to the UK.

If you haven’t already started shopping, we suggest shopping earlier than normal. Finding the perfect dress can take time and certainly isn’t something you want to rush or panic with. Giving yourself enough time to shop around and make the purchase can also give you added time. When factories re-start production, there will undoubtedly be delays and backed up stock to all orders.

What about my honeymoon?

There are certainly travel restrictions being implemented worldwide, but this varies depending on where your flying from, and the destination you will be visiting.

Everything is being handled day by day and unless you’re heading off in the coming weeks, it is still unclear when restrictions will be lifted. Keep in touch with your airline and holiday provider to be advised retrospectively to your honeymoon plans.

All in all, do I need to cancel my Wedding?

The short answer is, no, not necessarily. The virus is changing situations daily and at this moment in time everything is being dealt with day by day. Following the above steps will help ensure you are in the loop early when it comes to your wedding, and any changes or restrictions that may affect your plans.

Destination Weddings that are planned for the coming weeks are being affected, mainly due to travel restrictions. But UK based ceremonies are currently running as normal, with the advice of remaining vigilant and practicing basic hygiene at all times.

If you are in doubt, making changes to things like your reception venue to a marquee can offer you huge peace of mind as things chop and change over the coming months.

Having the ability to control and change the environment by choosing flexible options like a marquee or yurt could ensure your wedding goes ahead, whatever happens.

Get in touch with us today to chat Yurts, Stretch Tents and Marquees available to hire for your upcoming wedding.

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