Our Spectacular 50ft Yurt

5 June 2017

Our 50ft yurt is really quite special.

It’s got hardwood steam bent wooden ribs and solid oak doors and as far as we know, at 50ft, it’s the biggest of it’s kind in Europe. Possibly even the world! Our yurts are all handmade and our 50ft version is no different, boasting a seating capacity of 228 or 120-152 when you include a bar/dance floor/band etc. There are lots of possible seating configurations for the 50ft yurt and with 4 sets of double doors, you can even add extra yurts onto the sides for separate zones, a chill out areas or a Yurtbar. Take a look at our floorplans here and combination yurts for some ideas, the possibilities are endless.

Get in touch with the Yorkshire Yurts team today to enquire about our 50ft yurt or indeed any of the other yurts or Petal Pole marquees in our range. Let’s get that wedding venue of yours organised!

Yorkshire Yurts