School Yourself In The Art Of Wedding Planning

4 September 2017

Wedding planning can be a tricky business. The bride wants one thing, the groom wants another. Who do you invite? What food do you serve? Where do you have the celebration? Decorations? Free bar? First dance? There are questions after requests after more questions and compromises. We can be here to help.

We do this regularly. We have select packages which we’ve carefully put together which can be easily selected by the number of guests you’re inviting. So if have 100 guests and want a yurt wedding, we can show you possible options at the click of a few buttons. Our fantastic venues will be the perfect backdrop to your big day. We also have lists of recommended suppliers which include wedding planners, florists and caterers.

Don’t get carried away in the stress of it all. Enjoy it. It will all come together and you will have that most special of days!

Yorkshire Yurts