Get Styled

30 August 2016

“I mean come on Derice, we can’t be copying nobody else’s style. We have our own style.” – Sanka Coffie, Cool Runnings.

The great character from Cool Runnings spoke some sound advice, we all have our own style.

We do things differently, adore different things, follow separate trends. On the most spectacular & groundbreaking day of your life, your wedding day, why would you settle for the ‘norm’?

We have a great selection of finishing touches for our yurts & petal pole marquees, from lighting to dancefloors, but if you want something more, our friends at Whimscial Events can help turn your dreams into a wedding day reality.

Head on over to our styling page to see some examples of how our yurts have been dressed to impress previously. Get inspired, find your wedding style & let’s do this!

Yorkshire Yurts