For that added ambiance and magic, our beautiful yurts and marquees really do look their best when they're used alongside our lighting, our expert installation team shall even install our lighting on-site at no extra cost. We always recommend both our fairy lights and uplighters if your event goes on after sunset.

All our lighting requires power so please make sure you consider these when hiring a generator or using power on-site.

Fairy lights:

Fairy light canopy for Yurts = £50 - £350
Fairy light canopy for Petal Pole Marquee = £150 - £370
Fairy light canopy for Celeste Marquee = £175 - £300

Cost dependant on size of structure


Uplighters for Yurts = £60 - £120
Uplighters for Petal Pole Marquee = £60 - £210
Uplighters for Celeste Marquee = £60 - £150

Cost dependant on size of structure

Festoon lighting walkway:

A beautifully lit walkway with shepherds crooks and festoon lights attached to your yurt or marquee, matting is also included
9m length = £100
18m length = £150

Extra lengths of 9m matting can also be hired separately = £48 per strip

Mirror ball (available in yurts only):

Add a bit more sparkle to your party yurt = £35

Length of filament bulbs (includes 10 bulbs):

Different height Edison bulbs attached to a length of cable. Ideal to work alongside your floristry or around the centre of the yurt wheel.

5m length = £120
10m length = £175

External Marquee Festoon Lighting - currently Celeste marquee only:

A beautiful swathe of festoon lights over the top of the marquee = £165

Antler Chandelier:

Perfect for an alpine themed party or for an extra feature! = £150

Festoon Terrace:

Create a beautifully lit outdoor area complete with external matting, giant shepherds crooks and twinkly festoon lights = £280

Yorkshire Yurts