Dance Floors / Stage

All our dance floors come in various sizes, once you've chosen your style of dance floor simply get in touch and we'll be more than happy to advise which is best. Below prices include set up and dismantling.


From £300

Black and white chequered*

From £384

White twinkling LED*

From £516

30cm high stage 1mx1m sections*

£25 per 1mx1m section (minimum 9 sections)

Always ask your chosen entertainment what size of stage they need, but in the meantime see below for our minimum recommended sizes:
3 piece band: 3x3 metres
4 piece band: 4m wide x 3m deep
5 and 6 piece band: 5m wide x 3m deep
7 piece and bigger: 5/6m wide x 4m deep

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