Dream Big

18 November 2014

We know that some people like the traditional hotel wedding, some live an intimate gathering of just close family, but what if your guest list was just always going to be big? With bigger families, extended families, large groups of friends finding venues big enough to host your lavish wedding is often a problem. Never fear, with Yorksihre Yurts, you can dream as a big as you wish!

All our yurts are connectible. So rather than just having one, you can choose a combination of yurts which come in sizes 14ft to 50ft and have a sit down reception for as many people as you wish. With solid oak doors and heavy grade canvas, your venue will look fantastic as it is, but why not theme it? Or you could even theme each individual yurt!

We have combination ideas on our website but we are always pleased to discuss your ideas too, the more magical the better! Why not have a collection of yurts, one for the reception, one for the bar, one for the dancefloor? Or take a look at our Petal Pole Marquee. You can even have a cosy 14ft yurt onsite for your first night as a married couple. Just ask us about your spectacular Honeymoon yurts!

Don’t settle for small on your wedding day, dream big with Yorkshire Yurts!


Yorkshire Yurts