Celebrations & Ceremonies

20 January 2015

It’s red carpet season! We’ve had the Golden Globes (how brilliant for Downton by the way!) and the Oscar and Brit award nominations have also been announced. The celebrities are getting their photos taking and everyone is talking about who’s wearing which designers latest dress.

There’s nothing better than being in the limelight, it being all about you for your special day. Walk the red carpet into your own combination of yurts, your own creation that came out of your dreams into reality. Your wedding day if the most incredible of days, one with memories which will last forever, and we know that the little details matter just as much as the love that is floating around in the yurt all day and night.

If you’re currently wedding planning, whatever size your celebration or ceremony will be, we have a yurt for you. Get in touch today and let’s bring those ideal wedding venue thoughts, designs and details out of your head and into the world for everyone to see.

Yorkshire Yurts