Celebrate Special Occasions In Style

9 June 2015

The team at Yorkshire Yurts love a good party. We get as excited about the build up & construction of the yurts as the party itself. With so many special occasions to celebrate in life, we think our yurts are the perfect venue to celebrate in style!

With Father’s Day coming up in a couple of weeks, hire one of our smaller yurts and host a family feast in it. Spoil your Dad, round the whole family up and you could even hire a local firm to provide a hog roast or somethign similar. Family is so important and with everyday distractions that life gives us, we should all appreciate our loved ones and make memories together more.

Of course, the summer wedding season is approaching and the weather seems to be doing ok. We heard about snow earlier this month but we think the sun will shine! Even if it doesn’t our yurts are the perfect backdrop to your big day, come rain, sun, wind or snow! Give the Yorkshire Yurts team a call on 01423 410030 and we can begin to bring your drems into reality and the spectacular to life!

Yorkshire Yurts