Become husband & wife in our yurts…

14 October 2014

When you’re wedding planning, it can sometimes get a bit too much. Everything can get on top of you and making choices can feel like you’re trying to solve a suduko in the dark. This is where Yorkshire Yurts come in.

One of the first thing you need to do is book a venue. “Hmm, where should we get married? Maybe a hotel?” you’re probably thinking, but step out the box a little bit. Be different and wow your guests with a unique venue by contacting us! Our yurts are all handcrafted here in the UK and can be erected all over the country, in fields, grounds of hotels, campsites and anywhere you can imagine. So that means you can literally get wed wherever you wish, be creative!

Some couples decide to get married in a church and then come to their yurts for the reception, others have their entire day in our yurts, with one yurt for the ceremony and another for drinks whilst the main yurt is transformed into the dining area. The key about our yurts is that they are all inter-connectible so you really can design and dream up your ideal venue. Add a yurt bar, a chill out area and don’t forget, you can even have smaller yurts on site as guest accommodation. Ask about our special honeymoon yurt for your first night as newly-weds! Don’t forget, you can see our yurts in the flesh on October 19th 2014 at our open day!

Yorkshire Yurts